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Breaders and Coaters

Products in this powder range typically contain a mixture of rusk, spices, herbs and other ingredients. They are mainly used on meat or as a coating on potato wedges.

Coaters are suffixed (C), Breaders (B)

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BBQ, Southern Style (C)
BBQ, Sweet (C)
Cajun (C)
Chargrill (B)
Garlic & Herb (B)
Harissa (B)
Jamaican Jerk (B)
Lemon Pepper (C)
Louisiana Cajun (B)
Mixed Peppercorn (C)
Mustard (B)
Pepper steak, Red and Black (C)
Pepper and Mustard (C)
Pepper steak (C)
Savoury, Favourite (C)
Southern Fried (C)
Spicy Tomato (C)
Tandoori (B)
Tikka (B)
Tomato and Herb (C)