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Essential Oil and Oleoresin Range

We are pleased to offer this range of either distilled essential oils (EO) or solvent extracted oleoresins (OR).  The oleoresins are available in either soluble or water miscible formats:

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Star Aniseed (EO,OR)
Basil (EO,OR)
Bay Leaf (EO,OR)
Caraway (EO)
Green Cardamom (EO.OR)
Black Cardamom (OR)
Cassia Bark (EO.OR)
Cayenne/Chillies (OR-various strengths)
Celery Seeds (EO,OR)
Cinnamon Bark (EO,OR)
Cinnamon Leaf (EO)
Clove (EO,OR)
Coriander Seeds (EO,OR)
Coriander Leaf (EO)
Cumin Seeds (EO,OR)
Dill Seeds (EO)
Dill Weed (EO)
Fennel Seeds (EO,OR)
Fenugreek Seeds (OR)
Garlic (EO)
Ginger (EO,OR)
Mace (OR)
Marjoram (EO,OR)
Mixed Spice (OR)
Nutmeg (EO,OR)
Onion (EO)
Oregano (EO,OR)
Paprika (OR)
Parsley (EO,OR)
Black Pepper (EO,OR - various strengths)
White Pepper (OR)
Pink Peppercorns (EO)
Szechuan Pepper (OR)
Pimento Berry (EO,OR)
Pimento Leaf (EO)
Rosemary (EO,OR)
Sage (EO,OR)
Spearmint (EO,OR)
Tarragon (EO)
Thyme (EO,OR)
Turmeric (OR)