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Dried Herb Range
(Steam Sterilised or Un-Treated)

We are pleased to offer this untreated, standard range of materials, where possible, in various forms:

Cut (C), Ground (G), Kibbled (K) or Rubbed (R)

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Basil (G,R)
Bay (K,G)
Bouquet Garni
Celery Leaf (R)
Chervil (R)
Chives (R-1 to 3mm)
Coriander Leaf (R)
Dill Tips
Fenugreek Leaf (R)
Lemon Grass (C,G)
Lime Leaves (6mm)
Marjoram (G,R)
Mint (G,R)
Mixed Herbs (R)
Oregano (G,R)
English Parsley (G,R - 1mm and 3mm)
Rosemary (C-Needles 5mm,G)
Sage (G,R)
Tarragon (R)
Thyme (G)
Thyme (Cut and Sifted)
Thyme Spanish (C-3mm)