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Spice Range
(Steam Sterilised or Un-Treated)

We are pleased to offer this untreated, standard product range of materials, where possible, in various forms:

Ground (G), Whole (W), Powder (P), Cracked (C), Kibbled (K), Roasted (R), Strands (S)

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Green Anise (G,W)
Star Aniseed (G,W)
Caraway (G,W)
Green Cardamom Seeds (W)
Green Cardamom (G,W)
Black Cardamom (G,W)
Cassia Bark (G,K,R)
Cayenne/Chillies (G,K)
Celery Seeds (G,W)
Cinnamon Bark (G,K)
Clove (G,W)
Coriander Seeds (G,W,C,R)
Cumin Seeds (G,W,R)
Dill Seeds (G,W)
Fennel Seeds (G,W,R)
Fenugreek Seeds (G,W,R)
Galangal Root (G,K)
Garlic (P,K,R)
Ginger (G,K)
Mace (G or Blades)
Mixed Spice (G)
Brown Mustard Seeds (P,W,C)
Yellow Mustard Seeds (P,W,C)
Nutmeg (G,W)
Onion (P,K,R)
Paprika (G)
Black Pepper (G.R - various particle sizes)
Coarse Black Pepper (various particle sizes)
Black Pepper (C,R - various particle sizes)
Black Pepper (W)
Green Peppercorns (G,C)
Pink Peppercorns (W)
White Pepper (G,W,C)
Szechuan Pepper (G)
Pimento Berries (G,W)
Saffron (P,S)
Turmeric (G)
Asafoetida Gum on Gum Arabic (Hing)