New Product Development

Camstar Ingredients prides itself on its NPD flair, that utilises a unique blend of practical and creative talent, with multi-disciplinary expertise.

We take pride in our high level of service and have a reputation for the quality of our work and speed of response. Combining in depth seasoning knowledge, creativity and genuine culinary skills, Camstar Ingredients can help companies identify emerging market trends, create and produce new products for todays global food market
Lab MillThe team at Camstar Ingredients recognise that today's products require strong appeal with genuine differences and true authentism to set them apart from those around them. With practical commercial experience, Camstar Ingredients can combine all these skills to undertake the most complex assignment, as well as being flexible enough to handle small or one-off projects.
Key tasks that can be undertaken include "cost engineering" of existing products or modification to produce "clean dec" blends.