The Mettler Balance Restored

Back at the turn of the century, when CEO Ed Starke entered the herb and spice paste business his constant companion was the old Mettler P1200 Balance, brought into the business by Senior Technical Consultant Kevin Butler. Since it's heyday the balanced had deteriorated somewhat, and it was recently re-discovered in something of a sorry state, with signs of rust, a jammed mechanism and even some crucial parts missing.


Since Mettler had ceased to offer support for the P1200 way back in 1970 there seemed little hope, and Ed looked towards the team at Camstar for the necessary skills. Group Sales manager Martin Hoxworth, with his sideline in he restoration of classic cars was co-opted to spruce up the appearance of the unit, while Technical Consultant Andy Butler was charged with the task of making it function again.


Now looking good and back to working order the balance will be displayed in the foyer of Camstar Ingredients.

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