Camstar at FI 2019

The Camstar team is now back from the Fi Europe & Ni 2019 Exhibition which ran from the 3rd to the 5th of December. There was plenty of interest in Camstar, and a photo opportunity with Operations and Sales Director Ben Land and Group Sales Director Martin Hoxworth was  a must for visitors and delegates alike.

The offer of free food was even more popular, with reports of a pesto that "filled all with joy" inspiring both Ben and CEO Ed Starke to lay claim to the recipe. Camstar's dedicated NPD team hasn't been available for comment.

  Martin Hoxworth impresses a potential customer with some nifty martial arts moves.
  Martin hands out one of our much prized 'Camstar' bags while Office Manager Donna Elvin isn't looking.

Both Camstar Herbs and Camstar Ingredients were promoted, with some impressive aerial shots of the parsley fields lending some impressive visuals to this year's specially commissioned graphic display.



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