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Food Service

Camstar ingredients Ltd have recently commissioned a food service packing line at its Eye, Suffolk production facility.

We are able to pack both wet and dry products into small plastic retail pots, hot filled foil pouches and foodservice sapphire jars.


Examples of current pack sizes are as follows:

120ml plastic pot

250gm plastic pot

1kg white plastic pail

1.2kg sapphire jar

2.2kg sapphire jar

5kg white plastic pail

10kg white plastic pail

12.5kg white plastic pail

20kg white plastic pail

Hot filled foil pouch

Metal tube filling line

Photographs of examples of our standard packaging formats are included for reference purposes, but if you require specific packaging formats please do not hesitate to contact Ben Land to discuss.

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250gm Plastic Container Download Image
2kg Sapphire Plastic Pots Download Image
Buckets Download Image